I`m a marketer with passion because ...

  • It`s a profession that unites the creative artist and the strategist,
  • I love to create and the positive resonance I receive spurs me on,  
  • I love communication and language is my "weapon of choise",
  • I enjoy contributing to team efforts and common goals is my daily motivation


A marketing manager advertises and sells products. Placing products and brands in the market to achieve the best advantage and create competitive advantages. But the best results also means knowing how to get employees fully board with their minds and hearts combined with customers who are impressed and want to keep coming back.


This is the best attitude I hold as an experienced professional. In operational implementation, I chose -market-orientation and customer-orientation and am willing to roll up my sleeves  in a clear hands-on approach. My energy and vision enthusiasm and conviction among customers and employees. But before I do this I´m able to motivate myself and others to reach and deliver top performance. My combination of creative and analytical thinking as a marketing manager lets me deliver on my promise of high quality conviction and value added.


Core Competencies:

  • Marketing Conception & Consulting
  • Product Marketing
  • Social Media and Online Marketing
  • Communication / Advertising / Promotion
  • Creative Power
  • Project Planning, Organization, Implementation and Follow-Up
  • Quickly capturing e sustainable contacts and networks, relationship building and interrelated thinking in complex connections
  • Hands on mentality
  • Clearly structured work style, even with many parallel running processes



"Das Geheimnis des Erfolges ist es, den Standpunkt des

anderen zu verstehen"

Henry Ford